Jumat, 17 April 2009


Name: Moch Hudi
Email: m_hudi2009@yahoo.co.id
Judul Iklan: SALE / DIJUAL
Isi Iklan: 4\" wide x 6\" long Ziplock Recloseable 2 mil Clear Plastic Bags. FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA! These are Brand New, Direct from the Factory within the last 30 days. 100/pkg, 10 packages/carton, total of 1,000 BAGS! We ship from our air-conditioned warehouse, so these crystal-clear bags are Guaranteed to be in Perfect Condition! We accept Paypal. Thanks for looking, and please check out our other auctions as well!
Price list :US $19.88
Qty: 1000 - 4\" x 6\" 4x6 Zip Lock Ziplock Plastic Bags 2 MIL
WebSite: http://cgi.ebay.com/1000-4-x-6-4x6-Zip-Lock-Ziplock-Plastic-Bags-2-MIL_W0QQitemZ190301065043QQcmdZVi
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